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B-Caryophyllene & Cancer

Beta-caryophyllene potentiated the anticancer activity of paclitaxel on MCF-7, DLD-1 and L-929 cell lines.

Results suggest that β‐caryophyllene facilitates the passage of paclitaxel through the membrane and thus potentiates its anticancer activity.

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Benefits of BCP

Several biological activities are now attributed to beta-caryophyllene, such as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and local anaesthetic activities.

BCP can also stop Epilepsy symptoms and control seizures

The use of BCP can tackle many problems associated with Endocannabinoid Deficiency. Depression, anxiety, pain, addiction and even may prevent cancer. BCP, bringing all the benefits of Cannabinoid medicine without:

  • Psycho-Active effects.
  • Fear of drug testing at work or on roadside.
  • Can be used for children.

BCP systemically reduces inflammation, balances the Central Nervous System and assists the Immune System.

Terpenes help endogenous and exogenous cannabinoids bind to receptors and perform the necessary actions.

Some key factors about BCP:

  • It improves metabolism (by increasing mitochondrial function)
  • It protects against neurodegeneration (by reducing a leaky blood-brain barrier and inflammation)
  • It reduces pain (by upregulating natural endorphins)